TNG Survivors

In the endless voyage through the cosmos Star Trek: The Next Generation has often served as a prism through which the myriad hues of human experience are explored. My recent foray along my own trek of novels led me to Star Trek: The Next Generation – Survivors by Jean Lorrah. A narrative that explored the shadows that often linger behind the stars.


Survivors is a deep dive into the turbulent waters of Tasha Yar’s past. Hailing from a barbaric planet where survival was a daily ordeal amidst the menace of rape gangs, her story is a stark contrast to the enlightened ethos of the Enterprise. As the pages turn, the narrative navigates the delicate bond between Tasha and Data, unfolding against a backdrop of a mission that tests the mettle of the Enterprise crew, pushing them to the brink as they confront a malevolent force threatening peace.

The opening scene of Survivors is akin to a storm sweeping through a serene sky, jolting the reader into the harsh reality of Tasha’s past. Jean Lorrah, with a deft touch, paints a vivid picture of a life marred by the savage struggle for survival, yet a life that also births the indomitable spirit of a survivor.

The narrative traverses through the gamut of human emotions as it delves into the unique camaraderie between Tasha and Data. Despite the brevity of Tasha’s presence in the series her profound impact on Data is explored with a sensitivity that tugs a bit at one’s heartstrings. The dichotomy of Data’s synthetic existence juxtaposed against the raw humanity of Tasha’s past creates a narrative tapestry rich in emotional depth. The startling reality of Tasha’s origins serves as a grim reminder of the barbarity that often lurks in the shadows of civilization. Yet, amidst the darkness, the narrative also shines a light on the resilience of the human spirit, and the capacity for compassion and companionship even in the direst of circumstances.

Although initially reserved I have found this to be the most interesting of the novels so far. I have enjoyed the authors starting to flex a little muscle with the series’ characters and can only imagine what it would have been like in 1987-88 when these novels were first released to read them alongside the television show to provide a further backdrop for them. Next up, Strike Zone.