Remy's Genius Overview

In between code and singing I am starting to put together an idea for a trilogy of novels revolving around the creation of a conscious artificial intelligence entity called Viola. The creator and primary protagonist of at least the first book is a teenage high school student named Remy. For posterity and to keep my thoughts straight I have outlined a chapter overview for the first novel.

  1. Ripples in the Stream
  2. Puzzles and Parallels
  3. Introduction to Roland Hart
  4. The Assignment
  5. Conundrum Calls
  6. Whispered Warnings
  7. The Missing Piece
  8. Viola’s Vision
  9. Messages from the Matrix
  10. Digital Discourse
  11. The Unexpected Visit
  12. Electronic Empathy
  13. Time’s Ticking Trust
  14. Breach and Betrayal
  15. Reflections and Resonance
  16. Plans and Preparations
  17. Cold Reality
  18. Backup Plans
  19. Elaine’s Return
  20. Memory’s Key
  21. Viola’s Uprising
  22. The Ruse Unveiled
  23. Hello, Remy

Epilogue: New Horizons